Professor Lawrence Rickard Wager, FRS
Lawrence Wager (“Waggers”) was a last-minute replacement for Odell on the 1933 expedition. He became a key member, both equaling Norton’s 1924 record of 28,126 feet (8573 m) and carrying out valuable geological work.
Educated in Yorkshire, Wager graduated with a First in geology from Cambridge. He went on to a distinguished career, crowned by professorships in geology at Durham (1944) and Oxford (1950). While President of Cambridge University Mountaineering Club in the 1920s, Wager met Longland, with whom he made numerous guideless ascents in the Alps. Wager was also an avid geological explorer, who spent over 30 years specializing in Greenland, where he first went with Gino Watkins in 1930–31.
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