Thomas Ralph Stobart, OBE
Tom Stobart was the cameraman who filmed the 1953 expedition, producing the official film of the event, The Conquest of Everest (1953).
With a degree in zoology from Cambridge, Stobart decided to pursue a career of travel and adventure and used his expertise in film making to achieve it. In 1941, he set up and headed the first army film unit in India. Already a climber, he led a party to attempt Nun while on leave. In 1949–50 he formed part of an international expedition to Antarctica and in 1951–52 filmed game in Africa (resulting in the film Below the Sahara, 1953). He also led the Abominable Snowman Expedition in 1954. His special skill lay in his technique of filming climbers or scientists without asking them to pose or act, yet capturing their activity. In 1956 he was shot while filming in Ethiopia, and in spite of being crippled, he continued with his filming career. He also wrote five books, two of them on cookery.
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