Dr. Charles Raymond Greene
Raymond Greene, brother of the novelist Graham Greene, joined the 1933 expedition as senior doctor, chief intellect, and a competent mountaineer of gigantic physique.
Greene qualified as a doctor in 1927; during his distinguished medical career he became an expert on the thyroid, migraine, and frostbite. As a boy, he climbed in the Lake District of northwest England; as an Oxford undergraduate he discovered the Alps. But his introduction to the Himalayas came from his old school acquaintance Smythe on Kamet (25,446 feet/7756 m) in 1931. During World War II Greene was medical officer to intelligence agents being sent to Occupied France. From 1960 to 1980 he was Chairman of Heinemann Medical Books.
On Coronation Day in 1953, it was Greene who announced on the BBC that Hillary and Tenzing had climbed Everest.
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