Sir Percy Wyn-Harris
Wyn-Harris equaled Norton’s 1924 record of 28,126 feet (8573 m) on the same day as Wager in 1933 when, at around 27,500 feet (8380 m), he discovered an ice-axe left over from Mallory and Irvine’s ill-fated attempt in 1924 (it turned out to be Irvine’s). In 1936 he returned to Everest with Ruttledge.
As an undergraduate, Wyn-Harris was a member of the Cambridge University Mountaineering Club and, in 1925, made the first guideless ascent of the Brouillard Ridge on Mont Blanc. He met Shipton in 1929, while serving in Kenya with the Colonial Service. Together they climbed Mount Kenya’s twin peaks. Wyn-Harris served for over 30 years in Africa and was Governor of Gambia from 1949–58. Between 1962 and 1969 he circumnavigated the world in his sloop the Gunning Grundel.
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