Alexander Frederick Richmond Wollaston
“Sandy” Wollaston joined the 1921 reconnaissance as doctor, ornithologist, and botanist. It was he who, during the expedition, discovered the Primula wollastonii flower.
Wollaston graduated from King’s College, Cambridge, in 1896 and qualified as a surgeon in 1903, but loathed the medical profession, living instead for the natural world and exploration. Early travels took him to Lapland, the Dolomites, Sudan, and Japan, as well as on grueling expeditions to the Ruwenzori mountains in Uganda (1905) and Dutch New Guinea. There, in 1912, he climbed to within 500 feet (150 m) of the summit of the Carstensz Pyramid (16,023 feet/4884 m). In 1920 Wollaston was elected a Fellow of King’s, where he inspired affection and respect. To the shock of all who knew him, he was shot dead on June 3, 1930, by a delinquent undergraduate.
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